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If you fall behind on a series, it can be very intimidating to catch up, especially once a comic gets higher into the double digits. That's when big releases like an omnibus or a compendium come into play. Image Comics has released a few for The Walking Dead and now there's one available for Morning Glories. The book from Nick Spencer and Joe Eisma is currently up to issue #42 and you can now get the first 38 issues in one bigass, 1,000+ page compendium. That will catch you up pretty quickly.


Morning Glories is often described as "Runaways meets Lost" or "Lost in a boarding school." It takes place a Morning Glory Academy which appears to be a prestigious college prep school on the outside but actually includes all kinds of sinister secrets and supernatural suspense.


Morning Glories Compendium: Volume One is now available at comic book stores. It will be available at bookstores on December 16th, 2014.


Morning Glories Compendium 1 Cover
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Morning Glories Compendium 1 Cover
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Morning Glories Compendium 1 Cover
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