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Montrossa Rella (aka Monsterella) is the warden of an intergalactic prison planet housing the worst of the worst of the galaxy’s monsters. Her adventures continue in the Monsterella Summer Special, currently on Kickstarter. The stand-alone story follows our anti-hero as she’s caught offguard with fiendish galactic poachers who recognize just how priceless the head of the most feared monster huntress in the cosmos is. Monsterella is unarmed on the most dangerous planet in the universe. That’s not going to stop her from bringing these villains to justice.

This 24 page comic includes not just the story itself, but pin-ups and content from Nevin Arnold, Nate Bennett, Hans Chow, Lawrence Denvir, Andrew Fryer, Arlen Hogarth, Sun Khamunaki, Josh Kully, Dan MacKinnon, Julien Pilon, and Matth Smith.

The Kickstarter campaign just launched yesterday and plowed through its funding goal in just two hours. Rewards include the comic itself, deluxe edition packages, art prints, and original artwork. Yes, I backed it myself.

Monstrella Summer 02

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