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C2E2 is coming up very soon and I unfortunately will not be there.  Fans in attendance can be the first to pick up The Family Graves, a new mini-series from Comics Experience and Source Point Press blending science fiction, family drama, heart-racing adventure, and good old-fashioned monsters.  The comic is written by Tim Bach, illustrated by Brian Atkins, colored by Dijjo Lima, and lettered by Marco Della Verde.  Here's the write-up from the publisher:

Phil Graves is an alchemical engineer who has recently turned into an unpredictably shifting werewolf. He and his dysfunctional, mismatched family of monsters must race across dimensions to collect a set of magical mirrors in order to stop a chronal vampire from devouring the space-time continuum and destroying reality. But can the family hold together even as reality falls apart?

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"At its heart, The Family Graves is a family drama-primarily about fathers and sons-dressed up in the teeth and claws of a monster adventure story," said writer Tim Bach. "There's yelling and hugging, tears and laughs, but also monsters and grand adventure. The Family Graves is a book for anyone who loves monsters, sci-fi/fantasy, family drama, and unabashedly fun comics."

All four issues of The Family Graves will be available at the Source Point Press booth at C2E2 from April 6th through April 8th.  Afterward, fans can purchase it through retailers who carry Source Point Press publications, future Source Point Press convention appearances, through their online store, and digitally through ComiXology.


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