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Menton J Matthews II (aka menton3) has been doing some tremendous work in the comics world as of late.  He first came on my radar with a book called Monocytethat he illustrated as well as co-wrote with Kasra Ghanbari.  Both the interior art and story was unlike anything I had seen before or since within a comic.  Since then, menton3 has illustrated some more titles through IDW Publishing including Memory Collectors, a three issue mini-series set to conclude this week.  He's also one of the founding members of 44FLOOD, which has been raising the bar for the level of quality within comics.  

All of this makes it not all that surprising that he would have a solo art gallery show in New York City.  Beginning on April 19th, menton3's work can be see at the Last Rites Gallery at 325 W. 38th St #1.  The show will be titled Katabasis which is a term from Greek mythology meaning the journey to the otherworld and into one's interiority to confront elements of one's psyche.  


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After the gallery show has concluded, menton3 plans to release the artwork through a limited edition book with Ghanbari.  It's currently slated as a 9.25”x11” hardcover with 72 pages including all of the works presented at the Last Rites Gallery show plus sketches, drawings, and other developmental works that were part of his process of assembling the art for the gallery show.  Additionally, information about Katabasis will be shown, especially the story of Orpheus and Eurydice and experiences from menton3's own Katabasis and how the pieces relate to them.

This art book is currently being funded by Kickstarter.  At the time of this writing, the campaign has been up for just a few days and it has already far surpassed it's initial goal of $8,800.  There are still over three weeks left so there's plenty of time to pledge additional funds to the project and get some pretty great rewards ranging from prints and t-shirts to actual pieces from the show.











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