Manifestations CoverImage Comics and Top Cow Productions have announced the release of their first digital exclusive graphic novel, Manifestations.  Created, written, and illustrated by Raffaele Ienco, this self-contained supernatural thriller will be available exclusively through comiXology.  

Manifestations centers on young Alice Rackham, a quiet ten year old girl with the ability to reach into "the dark place" and pull out spirits she finds there, bringing them back to the land of the living. This starts innocent enough as she returns the souls of lost loved ones or pets, but there's something horrible lurking in this place.  It wants out and it certainly doesn't belong amongst the living.  It wants to pull Alice and her mother into the grave.

"I'm a big fan of supernatural thrillers like The Sixth Sense, so I really wanted to create a graphic novel with great twists and turns that keeps the reader guessing, where you don't want to put the book down because you just want to read one more page,” said creator Ienco.

Although Manifestations was only just released, it's already being developed into a feature film with Content House.  This is not the first Top Cow comic to get this treatment as Bushido is also in development and that comic isn't even out yet.

"What I love about Raff's work on Manifestations is that he has created these great characters that I truly care about and then he constantly puts them in situations where I have no idea how they are going to survive,”  said Josh Morris of Content House.

Manifestations is a full color, 126 page graphic novel.  It's only available online through the comiXology app, but it only costs $4.99.  For less than the price of two single issues, you can get a full fledged graphic novel.  That's a helluva deal.  


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