There are a million sayings, songs, and stories about love, but how many of them are against certain death? That's what Love Stories (To Die For), a new flipbook one shot published by Image Comics and Shadowline is set to deliver. The comic will feature two stories with one shared theme: love in the face of mortality. The first story, entitled “Bloodlust: Deceiver of the Gods,” features a group of Vikings in 946 A.D fighting against a band of vampires to protect a monastery from invasion. Flipping the book over, you'll find “Symptom of the Universe,” where a man fights his way through an alien-infested space ship in an attempt to return to his wife and escape to safety.

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Both stories in Love Stories (To Die For) are written by Dirk Manning who is no stranger to the short story comic book, releasing the very awesome Nightmare World series. “Bloodlust: Deceiver of the Gods” will be illustrated by Rich Bonk while “Symptom of the Universe” will have Owen Gieni on art duties. The comic will be 48 pages, retailing for $4.99.

Writer Manning says, "The best horror stories usually revolve around the premise of morals versus survival, and these two stand-alone tales explore this theme in different settings and genres."

I've been a fan of Dirk Manning for some time so I'm eager to see what he does with this topic. It's refreshing to see what appears to be a pair of smart horror stories that are much more than blood and gore.

Love Stories (To Die For) will be available at your local comic shop and favorite digital device on September 4th.


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