Lorelei Sects And The City CoverWhat is there to do when you're a redheaded angel of vengeance in the Big Apple?  Why, capture the souls of evildoers, of course.  Such is the life of Lorelei, a succubus in New York City that is taking out those that prey on the weak.  Her new adventure published by StarWarp Concepts, Sects and the City features Lorelei working to stop a cult from opening a gateway that would allow the Old Gods to come through.  That would definitely put a damper on things.  The graphic novel is written by Steven A. Roman and illustrated by Eliseu Gouveia, Steve Geiger, and Neil Vokes.

“At its heart, Lorelei is a tribute to 1970s and ’80s horror comics and movies,” Roman explained. “Her stories have supernatural elements, sure, and there’s some nudity and adult themes—Lori is a succubus, after all—but her adventures are character-driven, with a heavy dose of sarcasm and humor. And receiving encouragement over the years from people like original Vampirella publisher James Warren and comic artists like Esteban Maroto and Tom Sutton, as well as from Vampirella’s creator, Forrest J Ackerman, has meant a lot to me. I think horror fans will enjoy Lori’s inaugural graphic-novel adventure as much as those creators did.”


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Lorelei wasn't on my radar at all, but this sounds really fun.  I'm a little concerned about the inclusion of the "Old Gods" especially if that means Cthulu and the other members of the Lovecraft gang.  I think they're a bit played out as of late.  I think once you have the Transformers fighting squid people, you've crossed a line.  Fortunately, Lorelei sounds like it doesn't take itself too seriously, so it will hopefully avoid that doom and gloom.  

Lorelei: Sects and the City features cover art by Esteban Marato, a one-page history by Ernie Colon, and pinups by Louis Small Jr and the late Tom Sutton.  It's now available online, but you could also ask your local comic shop to order it for you.



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