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We don't often post details of Kickstarter/Indie-gogo projects here at HorrorTalk. It's not that we don't want to support indie film-makers, it's just that we get so many emails regarding campaigns that we'd have to start a new site just to mention them all. So we have to limit mentions to things that are close to our hearts, and there's not much that comes closer than Essex-based film-maker extraordinaire, Pat Higgins.


This fifth feature from his production company Jinx Media is the first time he's gone the crowd-funding route. Yes, that's right, four previous films under his belt all self-financed and they all won distribution in major territories across a variety of media. So you're not looking at a newbie here who is having a stab at the horror game with a tentative toe in the water. This is a committed and experienced film-maker who will deliver a saleable product. Evil Apps continues Pat's run of unique, imaginitive and innovative horror movies. One thing is for sure: when the film is complete, you won't have seen anything like it.



Beautiful but self-centred college girl Kayla West is on the verge losing her best friend Taylor in an ongoing rivalry over a guy. But when Taylor dabbles in black magic and gets access to a range of very unconventional smartphone apps, capable of everything from changing people's minds to exploding their heads, Kayla must decide how far she's willing to go before Taylor rips her whole world apart.


Check out the video below for a unique insight into Evil Apps and when you're convinced, get yourself along to the fundraising page and pick up a perk.


Link: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/791993463/kick-evil-apps-into-production



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