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Oh, Manga.  You're a part of pop culture that I just haven't broken into just yet.  I do recognize your importance and vow to tackle you soon.  Fortunately, Dark Horse Comics has me covered on that front and the publisher continues to expand in more ways than one.  At New York Comic Con it was announced that Kazuo Koike's classic manga series Lone Wolf and Cub would be getting a reimagined and futuristic look in a new series, Lone Wolf 2100.

Beginning in January, the comic, written by Eric Heisserer and illustrated by Miguel Sepulveda, takes place...you guessed it...in the somewhat near future.  A manmade plague is turning the human race into cannibalistic monsters knows as the Thrall.  Young Daisy Ogami's blood holds the secret to a cure.  Now it's up to her android protector Itto to get her to a place where it can be extracted.

“It’s a genuine privilege to get to write for a title as iconic as Lone Wolf and Cub, and the 2100 setting allows me an opportunity to tell a fresh iteration of this story,” said Heisserer. “The best science fiction holds up a mirror to contemporary society and exaggerates all its flaws (but also its beauty). That’s what I aspire to do with the ideas behind Lone Wolf 2100.”

This sounds a bit like Spread from Image Comics, but with a more sci-fi bend to it.  I've never read a Lone Wolf and Cub book, so I'm interested to dive in.  This seems like a good place to try it out.  Lone Wolf 2100 is a four-issue mini-series.  The first issue is set to debut on January 6th, 2016.

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