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The Liverpool Horror Club will be throwing their flagship event, The Liverpool Horror Fest, on August 11th at the Invisible Wind Factory in Liverpool from 12 noon to 12 midnight. As a bustling city with a diverse mix of interests, Liverpool is a fantastic place to experience a wide variety of entertainment and culture and constantly evolves with the interest of its inhabitants. For some people a curiously growing trend, for others a life long passion, the fascination around horror is impossible to overlook. The Liverpool Horror Club has become the local go-to institution to fulfil your horror needs.

The Liverpool Horror Club organises numerous events throughout the year, such as screenings, Q&As, workshops, lectures, quizzes, markets and many more. Every event takes place at a different location, supporting local businesses and artists. The Horror Fest is their flagship event and provides an extensive program throughout the day.

Event Details
Who: Liverpool Horror Club
The Liverpool Horror Club (LHC) was created by Liverpool artists Ilan Sheady and Chris Zombieking in 2015 as a platform for other artists, directors, writers and all creatives working in the horror genre to connect with a community of genre fans. Since then LHC has grown to do monthly events ranging from screenings with guest Q&As, creative workshops, cabaret nights and their annual flagship festival. Their team has grown to include Liverpool Director/Writer Stuart Jopia of 2 Headed Snake and international composer Mariam Draeger of HeadCinema Productions

What: Liverpool Horror Festival
The Liverpool Horror Festival (LHF) is a culmination and celebration of everything that the horror genre has achieved and has to offer. From literature and film to art and entertainment the festival gives a platform for heroes of the industry and its ambitious future stars to interact directly with the fans. "There’s been a growing number of conventions for comic, sci fi and horror fans and more and more we see this as turning into a money making scheme for people with little to no genuine passion in the genre. We want to do something different and new, by making something as both a fan and a creative in the genre. We don’t feel you should have a month’s savings in your pocket to have a good time and enjoy everything we have to offer. For that reason our panels and shows are free and guests will sign specific items for you at no cost as a way of engaging with their fan base. This is something very rarely done in a culture where it costs more and more to meet and greet your heroes".

The festival is split into two parts: a daytime event (midday to 6:00pm) where there will be family friendly events including panel discussions featuring our guests (actors Laurence Harvey and Nicholas Vince, renowned artist Graham Humphreys and Grimmfest film festival organiser and film producer Rachel Richardson-Jones), arcade tournaments and zombie take-down workshops hosted by Hollywood actor and fight coordinator Mark Strange.

The evening will be an 18+ event (6:00pm - Midnight) and consist of entertainment inspired by the macabre including comedy routines, burlesque and horror infused music from bands including Sh*t the Bed, Attic Theory and DJ Darkstep Cinema.

Where: Invisible Wind Factory, Liverpool
When: August 11th Midday to Midnight
Price: daytime tickets £10, Night-time tickets £10, All day passes £16
Tickets and Info available through and Facebook


Laurence Harvey Laurence R Harvey
Laurence R. Harvey shot to infamy in 2011 after starring in Tom Six’s extremely controversial horror movie Human Centipede 2. Since then, the actor has quickly become a fan favourite among the horror community and features in many cult horror films like The Editor (2014) Rats (2016) and Attack of the Adult Babies (2017)
Nicholas Vince Nicholas Vince
Nicholas Vince, playfully described as the nicest man in horror, is considered a horror legend among the genre’s aficionados. After playing as the faceless Chatterer Cenobite in Clive Barker’s Hellraiser and  Hellraiser 2 he cemented himself as part of the Barkerverse by playing Kinski in Clive Barker’s Nightbreed which is now green-lit for a brand new series.
Graham Humphreys Graham Humphreys
Graham Humphreys is the iconic British artist that created the artwork for some of VHS’s greatest film titles. His artwork for Sam Raimi’s The Evil Dead gave a face for the highly controversial Video Nasties movement. With an emerged renaissance in poster and film packaging design Graham has never been busier, creating artwork for both remastered classics and emerging cult titles.
Lee Hardcastle Lee Hardcastle
Lee Hardcastle is the leading name in claymation horror. Lee rocketed into the spotlight with his controversial and highly viral YouTube mash-up of beloved kids classic Pingu with gory body horror The Thing. Since then he has leapt from project to project and is now working heavily with night-time programming block Adult Swim by animating stings for programmes like Rick and Morty.


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