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Digital publisher Lion Forge Comics has announced their first horror title entitled Night Trap.  Written by Cullen Bunn and illustrated by JB Bastos, the comic pays homage to classic slasher films of the '80s and '90s.  The story follows a group of co-eds who have rented a lake house over the weekend.  It's here that they encounter a “murder-hungry madman.”  You can probably guess where it goes next.

"Growing up in the ‘80s, I spent a lot of time watching horror flicks, including slasher movies such as HalloweenManiac and their ilk – those movies were nerve-wracking, chilling and fun, so long as you enjoyed being scared,” said Cullen Bunn, writer of Night Trap. “I wanted to create a menacing, cruel, and unstoppable killer, and introduce a cast of young, likable victims. Along the way I've thrown in a few twists and surprises, but ultimately this is a tribute to the genre and to the killers who taught me that if you break the rules – the boogeyman will get you."


“Our digital comics catalog is a testament to the passion we have for the movies, TV shows, comics and video games that entertained and influenced us growing up, and we’re thrilled to add our first horror property,” said David Steward II, founder and CEO, Lion Forge. “Fans of everything from Friday the 13th to I Know What You Did Last Summer will get the full scare tactics with Night Trap.”

I'm unfamiliar with the work at Lion Forge Comics, but they had a pretty great booth at New York Comic Con this year and were offering sketches for donations to the Hero Initiative so I'm definitely willing to give them a shot.  There's a nostalgia factor to the set up for Night Trap even though it's an original story.

Night Trap is scheduled for release in mid-November.



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