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Kangas Kahn Films has announced a DVD release of their Amazon Prime hit, Terrortory. If you missed the horror anthology while it was free, you should pick up this "very limited DVD" because it has features including behind-the-scenes and two commentaries (one of which includes yours truly; yeah, I'm a little biased).

Best of all, if you purchaes the film directly through Kangas Kahn Films' website, you'll get free shipping with the code "HORRORTALK"!

Kangas Kahn Films'("Hunting Humans", "Fear of Clowns 1&2") last film "Terrortory" was released on Amazon Prime and went on to become an Amazon Prime Video Star for October, meaning it was in the top 100 most popular movies on Amazon Prime out of their entire lineup. "Over 45,000 people watched the movie in just one month," says director Kevin Kangas, "which was an incredible result for a no-budget indie film like ours." They just released a very limited-run DVD that you can get on Amazon or at their store via this link: http://bit.ly/kkfstore

All through April, anyone who buys the movie through the Kangas Kahn store (either the Paypal store or the SquareUp store) and puts HORRORTALK in the comments of their payment will have their shipping fee refunded.

"In addition to this news," says Kangas, "we've been very happy with the response to the movie, so I talked with the other filmmakers involved and we've decided to do a sequel to "Terrortory". Or, should I say, TWO sequels. Our plan is for me to do "Terrortory 2" entirely by myself to be released toward the end of 2016 or the beginning of 2017. "Terrortory 3" will feature the other directors of "Terrortory", Mark Wenger and Dan Doran, plus some new ones, and will be released shortly after that.

As of now, we plan to release them the way we did the first one--both free on Amazon Prime for a limited time."

The image below is a promo image recently shot while Kangas Kahn Films was doing equipment tests – yes, Smiling Jack will return in Terrortory 2 as well as the popular Midnight Clown, and some new denizens of the Terrortory.

Terrortory Cover
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Terrortory Cover
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