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The UK's Mycho Entertainment, responsible for last year's Slasher House, has announced its latest feature release, the urban legend-themed Legacy of Thorn which will debut on DVD and the VOD platform VHX on the 27th October. Read on for all the grisly details...


Jessica is a pretty, popular high school girl with everything going for her when, on the eve of her sixteenth birthday, she and her friends face a deadly nightmare when the local urban legend known only as Thorn becomes a terrifying reality. Thorn descends on her school in a massacre of blood and terror which she barely escapes with her life, let alone her sanity, intact.


On this night, she and a band of survivors resolve to face the unstoppable creature once and for all, to put an end to their torment and avenge the deaths of his victims. But can the monster ever be truly stopped and will they discover the secrets of Jessica's mysterious past and why she is the one cursed with the Legacy of Thorn?


Legacy Of Thorn is an all new independent Feature length production from Mycho Entertainment Group. The film harks back to classic slasher movies like Halloween and Friday the 13th, but with a unique storytelling twist. You can pre-order the film on either DVD or HD download by clicking the banner below.






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