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In the year 2062, “They” have Earth in their sights and only the half human, half alien technopath Argent Starr can do anything to stop them.  Joined by a gorgeous yet tough-as-nails commando (Mrs. Thorne) and “a trouble-making, brain-enhanced talking cat”, the three of them are pulled into space where they'll battle shape-shifters, alien gamblers, interstellar mobsters, and a mysterious galaxy-controlling sect in Argent Starr: Tales from the Archives, a new series from Krel Komix and creators Altemus and Lyn T. Byrd.

The first issue will be available through ComiXology as a digital first for a special introductory price of $0.99.  It's a 32 page comic in full color too!  If you want to wait for a physical copy, you'll be able to pick one up as a print-on-demand through for $3.99.  Look for them in mid September.  

The folks at Krel Komix describe Argent Starr as “adult entertainment combining hard science, soft sex and satire, for the geeky and not-so-geeky masses; a mix of action-adventure with elements of fantasy and comedy, featuring sabotage, assassins, sex, drugs, high-stake casinos, and espionage. Fans of properties such as Farscape, The Adventures of Buckaroo Bonzai, Fifth Element, and Men In Black will enjoy this work. “  All of those things mixed together in one funny book sound like something I really want to check out.  

Three issues are currently complete with two more in production.  The finished script calls for a run of at least 24 issues.  The current plan is to release Argent Starr on a bi-monthly basis.  You can check out a 12 page preview of the first issue on the official website.

There's been a lot of stuffy sci-fi comics as of late so it's refreshing to see one that looks like it'll have its tongue firmly planted in its cheek.  I haven't read the first issue yet, but on the surface this looks like a smarter version of Archer mixed with Men in Black.  What do you think?



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