Killogy CoverI honestly can't think of a possibility where Frank Vincent (Goodfellas, Raging Bull, The Sopranos), Brea Grant (Heroes, Dexter, We Will Bury You), and the drummer for the Ramones (that would be Marky) would ever cross paths.  Fortunately, writer / artist / musician Alan Robert is putting this unlikely trio together in Killogy, an upcoming comic from IDW PublishingKillogy "stars" Vincent, Grant, and Ramone.  They're three murderers thrown into the same jail cell.

“Basing my original characters on the likenesses of Frank, Marky, and Brea has been an awesome experience because I can actually hear their voices in my head while writing their dialogue," said Robert. "I haven’t really seen this done before in comics and thought it might be an interesting and challenging concept to try. Much in the way that The Twilight Zone had celebrity guest stars at the center of its stories, Killogy throws three popular personalities into the middle of some very bizarre and horrific situations.”

Robert earned a lot of credit with me after I read his previous stellar series from IDW, Crawl to Me, which he also wrote and illustrated.  Based on the preview images that have turned up so far, Killogy is a very different style, but one that works with the tone of the book.  It's an old school pulpy feel, like something you'd get from a beat-up grindhouse movie poster.  

The first issue of Killogy is due out in October.  What do you think of this cast of characters?


Killogy 01

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