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Alan Robert is already a legitimate rock star and an acclaimed comic book creator.  Now his work is being turned into a cartoon and we’ve got a taste of what to expect.  Killogy: The Animated Series is being developed by Rodney Barnes who had previously served as the executive producer on The Boondocks.  Check out a sneak peek of the series below.


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Killogy was so much more than a zombie comic.  On the surface, that’s what it looks like but it quickly evolved into a bigger, more epic and far bloodier story.  What was unique about Robert’s comic was that he cast his characters, using real life actors and musicians, specifically Frank Vincent, Brea Grant, Marky Ramone, and later Doyle Wolfgang Von Frankenstein.  These folks all appear in the animated series, voicing their characters.  

Robert’s Wasted Talent Entertainment is producing and developing the Killogy: Animated Series.  No specific release date or location has been shared just yet, but I can’t wait to check out more.  In the meantime, I’ll be re-reading the Killogy trade paperback and Halloween Special.


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