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Last month at Emerald City Comic Con, Shelly Bond made some headlines when IDW Publishing announced she would have her own creator-owned imprint under the publisher called Black Crown. At WonderCon this weekend, she announced the debut title, Kid Lobotomy from writer Peter Milligan and artist Tess Fowler. Not only will this book kick off Black Crown, it will also set the tone for the new line. Here is how IDW describes Kid Lobotomy:

Kid, as he’s affectionately referred to, is the youngest descendant of a strange, overbearing hotelier. While he sports rock star good looks, Kid Lobotomy has more in common with Hannibal than Morrissey in his prime. Unsuspecting hotel guests who check in to “The Suites” are in danger of losing more than their luggage. Living up to his name, Kid has shed a few brain cells in his day, which naturally makes him qualified to perform a lobotomy or two. And why let those brain bits go to waste when he can use them to help -- or unwittingly harm -- his subjects? Ultimately, Kid hopes to restore some of his sanity. But can he survive the truth about his cursed lineage and face what runs rampant throughout the torturous hotel hallways? Simply put, you’ve never read anything like this.

Editor Shelly Bond proclaimed that "Peter Milligan is one of the most talented writers in the history of the written word. One of comics’ original provocateurs, Milligan is quietly crafting a new monthly series that’s worthy of your consideration. In other words: He. Cannot. Be. Stopped. It was either give him the Black Crown debut series or commit him to the nearest... posh hotel... so he can get on with his goddamn writing!”

Co-Creator/writer Peter Milligan added, "Kid Lobotomy is a sub-cranial gothic scream of obsession, love, and the perennial dream of an upgrade to the executive suite. Torn from the deepest region of my hippocampus and hurled at an unsuspecting world, this is different from anything I've written and unlike anything you've read."

“Fortunately,” Bond continues, “Milligan is aided and abetted by co-creator/artist extraordinaire Tess Fowler, whose bold storytelling, lush inks and affinity for all things dark and twisted will no doubt make Kid Lobotomy your new favorite monthly series.”
Tess Fowler was quoted as saying, "I've just done the comic artist equivalent of running off to join the circus. Send help. No wait. Don't. Just come with me."

Kid Lobotomy is set to debut in October 2017. IDW Publishing promises an extensive preview at San Diego Comic Con this July.


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