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Kangas Kahn Films has announced its search for the best Christmas-themed horror shorts for an anthology feature to be released this year. Director Kevin Kangas (Fear of Clowns, Fear of Clowns 2, Garden of Hedon) will contribute a segment for the film, and filmmakers will share in any profits made from the distribution of the film.

When asked about how he got the idea, Kangas said, "As horror fans, we all watch the same five or ten Christmas-themed films every year. I think it's time for a new Christmas movie, and since I've been working on another anthology film (Terrortory), I've really gotten back into the Creepshow kind of format."

I couldn't agree more, the genre is desperate for a new Christmas horror film. So you filmmakers need to get on it. It's completely free to submit, and they're looking for five or six total shorts depending on the length of each. "I'm going for a total length of about 90 minutes," says Kangas.

Any short between 5 and 15 minutes may be submitted. For official rules and submission guidelines go to http://www.kangaskahnfilms.com/xmas.

That's not the only news coming from Kangas. We also got an early look from his segmant in the upcoming Terrortory. Check out the exclusive pic for HorrorTalk:

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When asked what was the motivation behind the Christmas-themed anthology, Kangas said, "Working with young guys like Terrortory creators/FX guys Mark Wenger and P. Scott Moore of Original Sin F/X has been a lot of fun. So much so that I'm not only going to do a second segment for the film, but I've decided to branch out and do a Christmas horror anthology. I'm trying to find some unknown talented filmmakers who have already made shorts that maybe never thought they'd get distribution on. I'm hoping to get the best of the best and not only will those filmmakers get distribution but they stand to make some money on their creation."

You can also check out the Terrortory FB page at https://www.facebook.com/terrortoryfilm.




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