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I was already excited about Zander Cannon's upcoming comic, Kaijumax from Oni Press. It's about a prison island filled with giant monsters. I'm there. Then the publisher revealed a variant cover for the first issue drawn by Scott Pilgrim creator, Bryan Lee O'Malley and holy crap, it's adorable. Look at that thing. Those are "chibi" versions of the main cast and I just want to cuddle them, even though they're horrible monsters.


"Kaijumax is one of the most exciting creator owned series debuting in 2015 and we're super excited to have Bryan O'Malley's amazing chibi-style variant for the launch," said Charlie Chu, Oni Press Editor for Kaijumax. "Zander Cannon is one of the best creators in comics, with work ranging from Replacement God to Heck, and in Kaijumax we have this amazing prison comedy that just happens to be populated with giant kaiju monsters. We can't wait for fans to get locked up in this world of tokusatsu-flavored drama and hilarity."


The title of the comic is also the name of the forbidden island where the worst of the worst monsters are safely locked away from the human world. The inmates range from villains and anti-heroes to eco-parables and nuclear metaphors. The story follows Electrogar, a prisoner who was apprehended while searching for food for his children. Now he must find a way to escape the maximum-security island while dealing with the dangers and alliances of prison culture.


Kaijumax #1 is set for release on April 8th, 2015.












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