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Many years ago, as a new site, we had to go hunting around the internet to find films to review. It was either that or spend an inordinate amount of money on the latest releases. There was no Twitter or Facebook to engage with low-budget filmmakers, and Kickstarter and Indie-gogo were less than sparks in their creator's heads. On one sweep of the 'net I came across details of a British independent film called TrashHouse. We posted the world's first review of the film and began a professional relationship with its director Pat Higgins that has lasted through the past decade. Not surprising, he's one of the friendliest and most giving filmmakers we've had the pleasure of working with; proof that nice guys don't necessarily finish last.

I was delighted to learn that his company, Jinx Media, will hit the big 10 years old this year, no mean feat in an industry that constantly bemoans how difficult it is to get independent films out there. Here's the official announcement:

Based in Leigh-on-Sea, Essex, Jinx Media has spent the last decade making high impact, low budget horror movies for the international market. These films have seen worldwide distribution and won several awards along the way, and have taken husband-and-wife team Pat and Pippa Higgins everywhere from the Cannes Film Festival to Hollywood.

Writer/Director Pat has been described as the "Essex Auteur" by Empire magazine, "The Tarantino of budget gore flicks for both style and dialogue" by SFX and one of "the most promising British horror directors" by Fangoria. He is the co-creator of the Death Tales series of films (the most recent of which, Nazi Zombie Death Tales, hit the UK in Autumn 2012), the original writer/creator of Strippers vs Werewolves and the writer/director of several features including the highly acclaimed The Devil's Music (winner of Best Independent Feature at the Festival of Fantastic Films 2008).

Pat's latest live show is called Werewolves, Cheerleaders & Chainsaws and is packed with advice and anecdotes from the front line of low-budget horror filmmaking. This live show was filmed at the recent Horror-on-Sea festival in Southend, and the filmed version will be made available free of charge via http://www.jinx.co.uk on Friday 22nd February as a thank-you for ten years of support from the horror filmmaking community.


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