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 Vampires have fought zombies, werewolves, monster hunters, and more. Now they're going to fight the samurai in Bushido, an upcoming graphic novel by Rob Levin and Jessada Sutthi set for release in December from Image Comics and Top Cow Productions. The book is set in feudal Japan and follows Kichiro after he was shipwrecked when marauders killed his parents. He's found and raised by a samurai, learning to live by the samurai code of bushido. Now he'll get to test his skills against a clan of vampires bent on assassinating the shogun.


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"Exploring the philosophy, goals and techniques of vampires and samurai — and doing it all during an epic conflict between these two forces with gorgeous painted art was too good an opportunity to pass up," said writer Levin. "But even more than that, Bushido allowed me to work with themes of family, honor and what it feels like to be an outsider, which is really what hooked me into the story on a personal level."


Kichiro can never be recognized as a samurai due to his blood, but that won't stop him from using his skills and sense of duty to defeat these blood-drinking forces of darkness. These vampires are the same marauders responsible for the death of his parents so this is a personal fight.


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Bushido was making news early on as it was optioned as a feature film by Mandalay Pictures in 2012, before the first issue was even released. The graphic novel will be available in comic book stores on December 17th, 2014 and in bookstores on December 30th, 2014.



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