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American Angst coming this Autumn

Developer: Misha Verollet
Platforms: Windows, Mac, Android
Release: Autumn 2017

Nowadays, a “game” can take many different forms. It isn't just about jumping from one platform to another as a wily bandicoot or blindly shooting anything that moves – although there's still a place for those kind of games – and an interactive story is as much a game as anything else out there. It makes me incredibly happy. I'd imagine it also makes Misha Verollet pretty happy, too, as they're single-handedly creating a text-based survival horror called American Angst, planned for release this Autumn.

In American Angst, created entirely in Twine, you will find yourself in a dark, dystopian United States in the near future, trying to escape an underground prison as guards try to hunt you down and kill you. Unfortunately, you're suffering from amnesia. You may not know where you really are, how you got there, or why you're wanted dead, but everything will become clear as you make your way through 45-60 minutes of choices. Each choice impacts the path that the story takes, creating multiple endings and giving you a reason to play through more than once to reveal the full story.

In addition to the “choose your own adventure” nature of American Angst, Verollet is also working in RPG elements such as a round-based combat system, health, a panic status, and an inventory to include weapons. I'm sure they'll come in handy as the game is described as “a pastiche of slasher, survival horror, dungeon crawler and RPG games, influenced by 70s exploitation horror flicks and video nasties like The Hills Have Eyes and The Last House on the Left, as well as films like Cube, Hostel and Running Man, or games like Resident Evil and Dead Space.”

American Angst is planned for an Autumn release on Windows, Mac, and Android. You can keep up with updates by heading to Facebook and Twitter, or signing up for the newsletter. There's even an page for anyone itching to find out more about this interactive survival horror story.


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