Did you know that more serial killers have been born in Buckaroo, Oregon than any other city in the world?

How do you not read an email that starts out with that sentence?  That's how I felt when I got the press release for Nailbiter, the new ongoing crime-thriller from Joshua Williamson and Mike Henderson, published by Image Comics.  Take a look at this synopsis:

Since 1969, Buckaroo, Oregon has been the birthplace for sixteen serial killers and FBI criminal profiler Charles Kohl aims to uncover why. But just as Kohl begins to close in on understanding the truth behind why this small town seems to breed some of the vilest human beings America has ever seen, he goes missing. Enter trusted friend and NSA agent Nicholas Finch who must race against the clock to find his friend and piece together the rest of the mystery...before anyone else gets hurt. 


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Williamson did his research to prepare for Nailbiter by delving into information about serial killers, both real and fictional, including the Zodiac killer, Jeffrey Dahmer, and characters in films like Se7en, Silence of the Lambs, and Psycho.  “We talk a lot of the families of the victims, but what about the families of the killers. That’s what Nailbiter is about,” explained Williamson. “The people who have to deal with finding out someone they love is a murderer. Like how Twin Peaks shines a spotlight on a small town after Laura Palmer’s death, Nailbiter does the same but shows a small town after finding out a bunch of horrible killers are from there.”
“Josh and I had been working on Masks & Mobsters together for over a year when he pitched the idea of Nailbiter to me and it was an easy sell,” said Henderson. “We both wanted to create something new and expansive and I was drawn in by the eccentric cast of characters, which took on a new life when I started designing them.”
This sounds like a really cool, yet serious comic.  I'm interested to see how Williamson pulls in aspects of various serial killers into the book.

The first issue of Nailbiter is scheduled to be released in May 2014.










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