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Image Expo 2014: Meet the Humans. They’re an Ape Motorcycle Gang!




When I first read about The Humans, I didn’t get past the phrase “ape-biker-gang” before I was shaking my computer, screaming at it to send me the book.  Image Comics has announced a new ongoing series from writer Keenan Marshall Keller, artist Tom Neely, and colorist Kristina Collantes that’s described as “a high octane, no holds barred, ape-biker-gang chopper ride into ‘70s exploitation genre bliss.”  What more can you ask for?


Join Bobby, Johnny, Marra, Mojo, Karns, and the rest of the gang as they fight and fly down the road to oblivion filled with “chains, sex, leather, denim, hair, blood, bananas, and chrome.”  I’m so in.  It also promises “biker gang warfare, drug running, corrupt cops, semi-truck hijackings, Vietnam flashbacks, Skin Fights (homosapien cockfighting), major ultra-violence, a strip club called The Forbidden Zone, and bloody vengeance.”  Shut up and take my money.


The prequel issue (The Humans #0) introduces three members of the gang as they encounter some rivals, The Skabbs trying to party on Humans turf.  What follows is chaotic violence with “100% Ape-Biker Exploitation at its finest, including a mind-melting full color acid-banana freak-out pin-up.”  Where has this comic been all my life?  


"The HUMANS are here to f*ck shit up and have some fun and so am I!” said Keller. “I can't f*ckin' wait to melt peoples brains with this shit! HUMANS FOR LIFE!”


“This is the comic book I never knew I was born to draw,” added Neely.


"I am grateful for this opportunity to paint an architecture of blood and bananas," said Collantes.


“Every so often, someone pitches a book that just sounds too crazy to be true, and I mean that in the best way possible,” said Eric Stephenson, Publisher at Image Comics. “Chew was one of those books. Sex Criminals was another one. Everything about The Humans seems completely nuts, and I think that’s why people are going to love it!”


The Humans is set to debut in comic shops and my dreams in November 2014.










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