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Image Expo 2014: Invisible Republic Uncovers Secret Histories in the Future




Gabriel Hardman and Corinna Bechko are teaming up once again next year for Invisible Republic, a new sci-fi adventure book coming from Image Comics.  The story follows reporter Croger Babb, who uncovers a four decade old journal while searching for a human interest story during a humanitarian crisis.  The journal belonged to Maia Reveron and goes into detail about what she knew about the legendary Arthur McBride.  Maia has been erased from all of the official histories, but she alone knew what Arthur is really capable of.  


Invisible Republic, is first and foremost a sci-fi, action-adventure story. My background as an illustrator and storyboard artist for films like Inception and the X-Men movies means that designing exciting action sequences is what I do,” said Hardman. “That said, the kind of stories Corinna and I tell are always human-scale. They’re point of view driven, not spectacle driven. Serialized comics, especially creator-owned comics, are the perfect medium for telling stories with real stakes where anything can happen. Any character can die. The audience can’t trust that everything will be happy in the end. Comics are perfect for telling stories that take narrative risks and reward close attention, in short, everything that works so well on cable television dramas now.”


Bechko added: "Maia Reveron is a woman who has been expunged from the history books but who knows many secrets. This may be science fiction, but this is hardly an unknown phenomenon in our own world. It's rare that those in power give much thought to the people who could reveal their own 'secret histories,' especially if the people holding the secrets happen to be female. And sometimes, they overlook them at their peril. Gabriel and I have always enjoyed writing 'poli-sci-fi' and here we have the chance to imbue Arthur and Maia's story with all the drama, pathos, and adventure we've been dying to unleash."


“In case you haven’t noticed, Gabriel Hardman has quietly been establishing himself as one of comics’ best new talents over the course of the last few years,” said Eric Stephenson, Publisher at Image Comics. “Whether working on his own or with his Invisible Republic collaborator Corinna Bechko, Gabe is masterminding some of the most exciting new work out there, and it’s a real honor to welcome him to Image at long last.”


Hardman and Bechko are a great creative team, so I’d be reading anything that they put their names on.  This is no different.  Invisible Republic will debut in 2015.




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