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Good news for UK genre fans as Image Entertainment of the USA is launching a new distribution arm in Great Britain to get many of its titles into UK stores. Upcoming horrors include Black Water Vampire and Bloody Homecoming (details below) and Camp Dread. Read on for all the info you could ever need.

Image Entertainment is a new label from RLJ Entertainment which launches in the UK in January 2014, as the UK arm of the thriving Image Entertainment US label, with an exciting a new range of sci-fi action, thriller and horror genre films selected from the US schedule. Image Entertainment US is a hugely successful independent licensee, producer and distributor of entertainment programming with over 30 years experience in theatrical and home entertainment.

Bloody Homecoming

Death stalks the halls in of Winston High and for its young students Homecoming will never be the same, in brand new teen slasher Bloody Homecoming which makes its UK DVD debut from Image Entertainment on 10th March 2014.

Three years earlier Billy Corbin died trapped in a fiery storeroom. Now the ones who let him burn are attending their school homecoming party and it could be their last.

It's payback time without pity for the young, the foolish and the beautiful. One by one they disappear, each meeting a gory, terrifying end. The corridors of Winston High are dark, slippery and wet with the blood of those who came before.

It's here the screaming starts. It will end in a Bloody Homecoming.

With a cast of bright young thing and lashings of gore, this is a must see for all slasher fans.

Black Water Vampire

Who or what is responsible for a series of brutal killings, where the victims' bodies have been found drained of blood in Black Water Creek? A young journalist and her team investigate in Black Water Vampire, which comes to DVD from Image Entertainment.

Raymond Banks, has been locked up and certified criminally insane for the murders of four women whose bodies were brutalised and dumped in the woods, but Andrea Adams thinks the police have got it wrong and she's taking her film crew to find out the truth.

What they find there can only be told by the footage left behind. There are darker forces at work than anyone outside of Black Water can know...or will ever live to tell. Blood wrenching, soul-shattering terror waits for those who dare enter these woods in search of the Black Water Vampire.

Black Water Vampire is a first for found footage as vampires invade the genre in this slick, atmospheric horror that builds to a truly chilling climax. It makes its UK DVD debut on 24th March 2014.



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