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Image Comics to Release Artist Proof Edition of The Walking Dead: All Out War




There has been a growing interest in the artistic process of comic books lately and it’s been pretty cool.  Image Comics and Skybound are getting into the mix this October with the release of The Walking Dead: All Out War Artist Proof Edition.  This 248 page hardcover will feature artist Charlie Adlard’s raw pencils for the twelve issue arc.  They will be reproduced, uninked and unaltered, exactly as they appeared on his artboard.  


Although I’m behind on my Walking Dead, I understand that All Our War was a major turning point for the series.  Here’s the write up from the publisher:


Rick Grimes unites several communities to fight the villainous Negan and his “Saviors,” while around them the dead continue to roam. The future of the Survivors, Hilltop, and Kingdom communities depends precariously on Negan’s right-hand man, who has turned against him — and not everyone is going to see it through the war alive.


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"I've always enjoyed books that show the ‘process,’ and All Out War certainly does that,” said Adlard. “Presenting the pencils as they are is an interesting thing, because they were done to show an inker what to do. So, at times, they are rough, fudged, incorrect...etc, but hopefully still provide an insight as to what goes into making a comic book.”


“And just sometimes it's nice not to have a finished thing,” continued Adlard. “To be able to see the little bits of ‘magic’ occurring in the happy accidents of random pencil marks, which were never intended for anyone other than Stefano to see, where I wasn't caring that it would be seen by a wider audience, makes it all a little bit bolder.”


This edition also marks the first time that All Our War will be collected in a single volume.  The Walking Dead: All Out War Artist Proof Edition will be available in comic book stores on October 1st, 2014 and in book stores on October 8th, 2014.  It is currently available for pre-order.



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