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The phrase “Comics aren't for kids anymore” is a tired and worn out adage used by hack journalists that don't know anything about the comic book industry.  Unfortunately, it's also a true statement as the vast majority of funny books are geared towards a much older demographic.  There just aren't many titles out there for kids right now.  Maybe there's a change in the works as Image Comics has announced a bold, yet pretty awesome move with its two offerings for Free Comic Book Day 2016. Instead of promoting one of a vast array of stellar books meant for adult, both books are on the spooky side and they're both for kids: Camp Midnight and Oddly Normal.

Free Comic Book Day will be an event held at participating comic book stores around the world on Saturday, May 7th, 2016.  Camp Midnight will be the Gold level book and Oddly Normal will be the Silver level book.  I'm not entirely sure what that means exactly.  In any case, here's some info about both titles which is more than enough of a reason to check them out (Plus, they'll be FREE!)

About Camp Midnight:
Add a touch of spooky to your Free Comic Book Day this year with the first chapter of Ben 10 and Big Hero 6 creator Steven T. Seagle and New Yorker Magazine cartoonist Jason Adam Katzenstein's CAMP MIDNIGHT! Not wanting to please her "step monster," reluctant Skye is dead-set on not fitting in. But when she's accidentally sent to the wrong summer camp - Camp Midnight, where everyone attending is a full-fledged monster—Skye realizes that not fitting in will be the very least of her challenges! Camp Midnight is the perfect book for readers who love Raina Telgemeier's Smile but wish it had more bowls of gooey eyeballs in the lunch scenes. From the Man of Action imprint on Image Comics.

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About Oddly Normal:
Explore Otis Frampton’s magical land of Fignation this Free Comic Book Day with Oddly Normal, a ten-year-old girl with pointed ears and green hair—a half-witch who will be the first to tell you that being a little different doesn't make it easy to make friends at school! On her 10th birthday, Oddly blows out her cake's candles and makes a disastrous wish. Now, she must travel to Fignation to uncover the mystery of her parents' disappearance. Join beloved cartoonist Otis Frampton and the delightful Oddly as she navigates a strange new school, monstrous bullies, and Evil itself on an unforgettable fantasy adventure through this vibrant world!

Seagle said, “I love that Image has made both its FCBD books all-ages comics. Camp Midnight is a book about kids that's for kids and adults alike. And best of all, the full 248 page graphic novel will be released right at the same time so anyone who likes the FCBD edition can dive right back in for the whole story.”

Katzenstein added: “I'm so happy that Image has made Camp Midnight their Free Comic Book Day book—it’ll be a great introduction to the spooky world of the comic, and hopefully leave everyone wanting more!”

“I'm thrilled and very honored that Oddly Normal will be a part of Free Comic Book Day in 2016,” said Frampton. “I hope that everyone who picks up a copy of Chapter 1 enjoys meeting Oddly and reading the start of her adventures!”

Now that I'm a father, I'm constantly on the lookout for good all-ages comics.  This becomes increasingly difficult when searching for horror-related books.  Needless to say, I'm definitely going to be taking my kids to the comic book store to look out for both of these books in May. 



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