I thought I'd have a bit of a breather after the comic convention season ended with NYCC, but Image Comics had other plans.  My inbox has been filling up with announcement after announcement of new comics from some pretty great creative teams.  I've collected the horror titles together here so you can check out what's coming up from the publisher that brought you The Walking Dead.

First up is a one-shot featuring Joseph Michael Linsner's Dawn entitled Sin Boldly.  The issue will include two new stories from Linsner: “Hell is Waiting” and “Burning Roses.”  Fans can expect the return of Sinful Suzi and Obsidian Stone as well.  

I'm completely unfamiliar with Dawn, but I know that she's also got a team up with Vampirella coming from Dynamite Entertainment soon.  Sin Boldly will be written and drawn by Linsner and will be available on December 4th, 2013.

Sin Boldly 00
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Also in time for the holiday season is a visit from Krampus, the child-punishing demon.  When the Secret Society of Santa Clauses finds their powers stolen, they have no choice but to turn to their worst enemy.  The creative team of Brian Joines and Dean Kotz are starting up a new ongoing series entitled Krampus! that will follow the demon as he encounters characters like Father Christmas, Ded Moroz, and Hoteiosho  in an attempt to deliver gifts on time.

“I liked the idea of the Krampus beholden to an organization greater than he was, something that lent itself to the portrayal of the Krampus as a put-upon protagonist," writer Brian Joines explained. “Given that Santa has so many names around the globe, I thought it would be fun to make each name an individual working that particular territory. It shakes the paradigm up a bit.”   


Krampus 00
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“I've always had a darker sense of humor and liked the idea that all the stories and legends we knew as kids had darker underbellies… like the Grimm's Fairy Tales,” said Joines. “When I found out that there was this demonic thing that used to ride around with Santa and punish wicked children… I knew I had to do something with that someday. It took a while to figure out how to use him, but once I did, the Krampus wrote himself.”

Krampus! is positioned as a dark comedy adventure comic.  The first issue is set to debut on December 11th, 2013.  

Next up is a new sci-fi crime comic from Antony Johnston and Justin Greenwood called The Fuse.  This ongoing series follows detectives Ristovych and Dietrich of Midway City's Homicide division as they investigate crimes within their jurisdiction of an orbiting power station 22,000 miles up.  

“I'm a sucker for detective stories, down-at-heel cop shows, and the kind of 'lived-in' sci-fi where everything feels like it might fall apart at any moment,” writer Antony Johnston explains. “Combine those with a frontier attitude, where a half million people all think they can get away with murder, and you've got The Fuse.” 


The Fuse 00
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“The thing I love best about cop stories and crime comics is that ultimately they're about people, and that's where I think Antony and I tell our best stories,” said artist Justin Greenwood.

The first issue will arrive on February 12th, 2014 and kick off the first story arc entitled “The Russia Shift.”  I like this idea.  It's like a Law & Order: NASA Unit.

Redum Anshargal is looking for allies in the hunt for the Amphibian in the upcoming series Undertow.  From the team of Steve Orlando and Artyom Trakhanov comes this pulp monster adventure comic where Atlantis is a world superpower and this legendary creature that's the object of Anshargal's search could be the key to air-breathing life on land, which is a rarity in this world.


Undertow 00
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Undertow takes a lot of expectations about Atlantis fiction and turns them on their head. Here, Atlanteans evolved to the spot where humans are in our world, or maybe just a bit past it. This Earth is fundamentally different because of it, from the geography to the animals to the technology,” explained writer Steve Orlando, “Atlantis has had to develop technology that can function underwater… Those who breathe water are the ruling power. And those who breathe air? Humans are a wild species, living like pack animals all over the surface, adapting to their environments. Wild, thick-coated polar humans, hairless tropical humans, even monstrous humans evolved from island gigantism. For Redum Anshargal, finding an Atlantean that can breathe air might just be his chance to give his people a shot at life on land, a chance to finally be free of Atlantis' corruption.”

“This was a chance to take Atlantis a few centuries into the present day, just like most other monarchies. And making it modern makes it a great way to show the truly strange face of the deep ocean,” said Orlando. “Now Atlantis can do what speculative fiction should--it can be a weird mirror to our own world, just a half step away--more relatable than ever before, and thus, even more frightening.”

Undertow #1 is set to debut on February 19th, 2014.

Griffin Franks paid his Hollywood dues on the C-List and finally worked his way up to the big time.  He's got fame, fortune, and a beautiful woman on his arm.  Right when he's made it to the top, someone comes along and rips his face off...literally.  This is the setup for The Revenger, a new comic filled with violence and vengeance from Jonathan Ross and Ian Churchill.

Not much else has been revealed about this series, but a preview will appear in Elephantmen #52 on December 4th, 2013.  The first issue of The Revenger is due out on February 26th, 2014.


The Revenger 00
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Sometimes projects are announced or get started and never actually see the light of day.  As of last month, that seemed to be the case for The Adventures of Apocalypse Al, a new series from J. Michael Straczynski.  Originally set to be released as a four part mini-series, the book was left hanging with then publisher MTV Geek closed up shop in October 2013.  Fortunately it was picked up by Image Comics to begin in February 2014.  The series centers on the life of Allison Carter, a private eye who is working on preventing the end of the world.  You know, pretty run of the mill stuff.  That's what The Maltese Falcon was about, right?  

Drawn by Sid Kotian, the series will be released through Image under the banner of Joe's Comics, similar to Ten Grand (in which JMS collaborated with Ben Templesmith).  The first issue will be accompanied by an audio dramatization which has become customary for Joe's Comics.  The series is already finished so there's no worry about delays in shipping.  Additionally, The Adventure sof Apocalypse Al will feature covers by artist Sid Kotian, as well as some by Francesco Francavilla and John Romita Jr.  

“After doing three titles about demons, despair and death, more or less in that order, this is the first title from Joe’s Comics that’s about sheer, unadulterated fun,” said Straczynski. “It’s light-hearted and funny, its heart is in the right place, the action never stops, and it features a smart, strong hero who has a habit of saying exactly the wrong thing at exactly the right moment. If you liked Ghostbusters and Men in Black, this is the book for you.”


Apocalypse Al 00
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Each issue of Apocalypse Al is oversized, providing readers with more story at the same price as a regular issue.  The first issue has 30 pages of story.  The second and third have 28 pages and the final issue has 21 plus additional pages of bonus features.  This is a rarity in this day and age when publishers are shrinking page count and increasing prices.  

The first issue of The Adventures of Apocalypse Al will be available on February 5th, 2014 and will feature a cover drawn by Sid Kotian and Bill Farmer, another by Ryan Sook, and a special retailer incentive black and white line art cover also by Sook.

One Hit Wonder 00
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Finally, we have One-Hit Wonder, a new title from Fabrice Sapolsky and Ariel Olivetti with another take on the Hollywood scene.  These time the focus is on Richie Reece, a former child actor turned hitman who's having way more success killing people than hamming it up in front of the camera.  This crime comedy mini-series pulls from the likes of Quentin Tarantino and Guy Ritchie for all sorts of violence.

“[In Los Angeles] many people are actors trying to break in. It's not rare to go to a restaurant and have waiters and waitresses who are actors and that kinda play a role when they serve you,” explained writer Fabrice Sapolsky. “The idea of an actor who goes to the dark side and really become a hitman started to grow in my mind.”

One-Hit Wonder is Sapolsky's first creator-owned book and Olivetti's first international creator-owned series.

Look for the first issue of One-Hit Wonder on February 26th, 2014.










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