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Seven years is a long time. By its seventh year, Friday the 13th was up to part six, as was A Nightmare on Elm Street. Kids become teens in seven years, boys and girls become men in women. Hell, just think about what you've done in almost a decade. So imagine the perservance writer Blu de Golyer must have to make sure his film House of Good and Evil made its way to completion after writing the first draft in 2005.

From the press release:
A film is like raising a child, from conception to the day it's all out of your hands and in the hands of others, you hope share your care and enthusiasm. After all, it's your baby. Way back in 2005 Blu de Golyer wrote the first draft of House Of Good And Evil.  "They say we change who we are every seven years. Scripts, good scripts anyway, are never content with who they are and change dozens of times before that final cut."- Blu de Golyer   

At one point, the project had Clint Howard (yes, Ron's little brother) attached to direct, even though long time cinematographer and fan of the script, David Mun, carried a shot list in his back pocket for years.  Fate intervened, when the investors came by way of Blu and his wife Susan-a commercial pilot-deciding the only way this film would get made was if they put the money up.  It was time.

Tippi Hedren of
The Birds fame was attached to the project for nearly half a decade, but had to leave the project days before she was set to arrive on set after a minor health issue.  She was replaced by veteran character actress Marietta Marich (The Texas Chainsaw Massacre).  The project was blessed with top talent, both above and below the line.  Award winning, breakout Rachel Marie Lewis (Transatlantic Coffee) gave another award worthy performance in this film, along with one of Germany's best nice on the eyes exports, Christian Oliver (The Good German) giving another top performance. The crew managed to bring studio quality to the film on an indie budget, while staying on time and under budget.

Currently, there is only a brief synopsis:
After a family tragedy in the chaotic city, Chris and Maggie Conley, in a last-ditch effort to save their marriage from the temptations of the city, move to an isolated home in the mountains. As they start to get to know each other again, they quickly discover evil has a key...houses are not haunted, people are.

I have to admit, this just went on my radar. I really liked director David Mun's work in Fear of Clowns and Fear of Clowns 2, and he has a ton of film and TV episodes under his belt since those two. While this may be his first directing gig (according to IMDB), he definitely has a lot of great experience behind the lens, so I'm eager to check out what he has to offer. Plus I'm very curious about a film seven years in the making that had the likes of Tippi Hedren attached to it.

Currently the film is in post with David Mun overseeing and there is no release date set.

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