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This April sees the release of Hotel Dare, an original graphic novel from writer Terry Blas and artist Claudia Aguirre. The comics explores a supernatural landscape that I’m sure would be on any horror fan’s vacation itinerary. Publisher BOOM! Studios has revealed an early preview of the interiors which you can check out below.

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This world-hopping fantasy follows Olive Dare and her adopted siblings, Darwin and Charlotte, as they spend the summer with their estranged grandmother, Mama Lupè, at her creepy hotel in Mexico. When their boring chores lead them to discover secrets hiding behind every door of the hotel —thanks to a mysterious ancient mask —the kids are transported to three magical worlds filled with space pirates, bearded wizards, and cotton-candied kingdoms. But if they’re gonna save these three worlds from certain jeopardy, they’ll need to embrace the love and acceptance of family…before they tear themselves apart!

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“What if you could open a door that would lead you to an all-new adventure that was so extraordinary that it surpassed the limits of imagination? For Olive, Darwin, and Charlotte, this is only the beginning of their summer with their abuela.” said Whitney Leopard, Editor, BOOM! Studios. “Terry and Claudia’s Hotel Dare explores how we relate to new places, new cultures, and new families. This is an amazingly beautiful story filled with action, adventure, and the cutest and yet most terrifying creatures you’ve ever seen.”

Hotel Dare is set for release in April 2019.

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