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Horror fans can sink their teeth into all things dark and dangerous as the menacing month of May ushers in three exciting UK TV premieres - Sean Hogan's haunting The Devil's Business Colin Theys' apocalyptic zombie thriller Remains and Keith Wright's touching horror comedy Harold's Going Stiff.



Harolds Going Stiff Dvd
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Sat May 4th at 22:55

Keith Wright's very funny and surprisingly touching tale investigates a mystery illness turning men in the north of England into something resembling bloodthirsty ghouls. One such victim is Harold (Stan Rowe), an old man whose transformation into something sub-human might just be arrested by the love of Penny (Sarah Spencer), a dedicated home care nurse. But a group of vigilantes have other ideas.





The Devils Business Dvd
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Sat May 11th at 22:55

Two hit men, Pinner (Billy Clarke), a cynical veteran and the inexperienced Cully (Jack Gordon), are sent to murder an old associate of their underworld boss. But things are not all what they seem in their quarry's house and the duo descends into the shadowy darkness of their own tortured souls. Exuding a palpable atmosphere of claustrophobic dread, this is an eerily effective gem from director Sean Hogan.





Remains Dvd
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Sat May 18th at 22:55

A vacant casino in Nevada becomes a hellish battleground as a group of human survivors fight a hard-core Zombie apocalypse, in which the infected grow smarter and stronger every day. Based on a graphic novel by Steven Nile, Award-winning Director Colin Theys' graphic feature stars Miko Hughes, who fans may recognise as the little boy from the original 'Pet Sematary'.




Other Horror Channel highlights to look out for:


New Adventures Of Wonder Woman
THE NEW ADVENTURES OF WONDER WOMAN. (Series 1, 1975) Weekdays at 18:00 and 09:00 from Mon May 20. Series 1

One of the most popular cult TV shows from the 70s makes its debut on the Horror Channel. Fans will relish another chance to watch the unforgettable Linda Carter kick ass and 'bust' the bad guys.





Reel Fear Season

REEL FEAR SEASON. Fridays at 22:55 from May 3

Fans of found-footage movies will love this line-up, which includes the premiere of GRAVE ENCOUNTERS from The Vicious Brothers (pictured), WELCOME TO THE JUNGLE, THE BLAIR WITCH PROJECT, SKEW and Julian Richard's award-winning THE LAST HORROR MOVIE.





Eli Roth Directors Night
DIRECTOR'S NIGHT WITH ELI ROTH. Thurs May 30 from 21:00

Roth, famed director of CABIN FEVER and HOTEL, took time out at FrightFest Glasgow 2013, during the screening of his new film AFTERSHOCK, to wax lyrical on his love of Italian zombie movies as he explains why THE CITY OF THE LIVING DEAD and DEMONS are great movie inspirations for him.




Horror Channel is available in the UK on: Sky 319 / Virgin 149 / Freesat 138

Links: www.horrorchannel.co.uk | Horror Channel Twitter





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