We've seen various fads from the 1990's return in full force to the world of comics.  Variant covers are all the rage now.  Onslaught just showed up in a Marvel comic a couple weeks ago.  I'm sure holograms are not far behind.  Image Comics is bringing another staple back in the form of the flip book with Hoax Hunters #9.  Written by Michael Moreci and Steve Seeley, the issue will present two different perspectives of the same story.  One half shows the version of events that the public sees as the popular reality show works to debunk the world's myths and legends.  The other half depicts the action behind-the-scenes, in which the Hoax Hunters are covering up the truth about the monsters and other things that go bump in the night.  In this case, the episode is covering a haunted house confrontation.

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"With issue #9 and the use of the flip book feature, we allowed ourselves a dynamic and uncharacteristic way to show what happens in front of and behind the camera to super fun effect,” said Steve Seeley, co-writer.

Since there are two sides to the story, it's fitting that the issue will have two different covers.  Both are drawn by Morning Glories artist Joe Eisma.  Brent Schoonover fills in for Axel Medellin as guest artist for the issue.

"This is, to me, a great representation of everything that Hoax Hunters is about—fun, inventive, and willing to take risks," said co-writer Michael Moreci.

Hoax Hunters #9 will be available at local comic shops and your favorite digital device on April 17th.  

It's no secret that I'm a big fan of Hoax Hunters.  It was my top pick for 2012 and it has been a consistently good read.  Using something unique like a flip book is fitting for the type of story that these characters often find themselves in.  

What do you think about this upcoming flip book in Hoax Hunters #9?



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