Hoax Hunters Haunchyville CoverFresh off the heels of the trade paperback release collecting the first 6 issues, Hoax Hunters is returning with an all-new arc entitled "Haunchyville."  The story brings the crew to the town of Haunchyville, Wisconsin where they're investigating the myth of the gnomes and their albino king.  A short film has been made to tease the upcoming storyline.

As you (hopefully) know, the Hoax Hunters are secretly trying to cover up the supernatural, paranormal, and other things that go bump in the night.  The short film, directed by James Cooper, introduces the Hoax Hunters Hunters, a group of people that think they've figured out the popular TV show's true agenda.



“Steve and I see the video as a way to enhance what the Hoax Hunters are all about—YouTube clips, campy scares, that’s what reality shows like Destination Truth thrive on,” co-creator and writer Michael Moreci said. “We want to have fun with that.”

“Both Mike and I are very excited about the reception for the first arc of Hoax Hunters,” Steve Seeley, co-creator and writer said. “We are confident that the next arc (and those that follow) will only help our success with the book.”

Issue #6 of Hoax Hunters is the beginning of the "Haunchyville" story arc and will be in stores on January 16th from Image Comics.  It features a cover from artist Jenny Frison (Revival) which you can check out below.


Hoax Hunters Haunchyville 03Hoax Hunters Haunchyville 02Hoax Hunters Haunchyville 01
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I love the fact that Hoax Hunters is exploring new mediums.  This is a fun little clip that enhances the upcoming storyline and keeps the comic fresh in your mind.  Since the trade paperback was released this month, the creators used this as an opportunity to get caught up with future issues.  Plus it allows new readers to easily jump on board with the next issue.  The existence of a group of people that are convinced the Hoax Hunters are up to no good makes perfect sense.  In a world filled with conspiracies and secrets, there have to be those filled with paranoia about them.  I'm definitely looking forward to the next story arc.  

What do you think of the short film?  Are you ready to visit Haunchyville?


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