Hellraiser The Dark Watch CoverBOOM! Studios has announced their plans to relaunch the Hellraiser franchise this February.  The title will relaunch as Hellraiser: The Dark Watch as an all-new ongoing monthly comic.  Creator Clive Barker will stay on as co-writer.  He'll be joined by Brandon Seifert (Witch Doctor, Hellraiser: The Road Below) with newcomer Tom Garcia on art.

The Hellraiser comic has been a big hit with fans of the films. Having Clive Barker involved solidifies the project.  BOOM! describes The Dark Watch by saying that "nothing is as it seems" which is thrown around a lot in the comic book industry.  I can't tell you how different it is because I'm an awful horror fan that still hasn't seen the Hellraiser movies.  

"I grew up with Hellraiser and Clive's novels — so it's a huge, surreal honor to be collaborating with him on The Dark Watch! Under Clive's direction, the Hellraiser ongoing series has gone in some radically different directions over the last two years. I'm really excited for what's next — and even more excited that I get to be involved!," said Brandon Seifert.

The first issue of Hellraiser: The Dark Watch ships in February 2013.  It's a 32 page, full color comic retailing for $3.99.  The main covers of the premiere issue will be drawn by Tim Bradstreet and Nick Percival with incentive covers by Frazer Irving and Bradstreet.  

As mentioned earlier, I haven't seen Hellraiser so I'm a bit lost in the comic.  I've heard good things from some of the fans though.  Having Brandon Seifert co-writing it makes me want to check out The Dark Watch as I'm a big fan of his work.  What do you think?  Are you ready for The Dark Watch?


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