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IDW Publishing has announced the next digital first title from Monkeybrain to get the print treatment. Headspace from Ryan K. Lindsay and Eric Zawadzki will collected for a physical release in April. Unlike D4VE, another Monkeybrain title, Headspace will not be serialized in separate issues. Instead, it will jump straight to the collection.


Headspace follows the Sheriff of Carpenter Cove as he makes a startling discovery. His town is not your average Middle America locale. Instead it exists within the mind of a killer. This sounds a bit like that John Cusack movie, Identity, but way more interesting.


"Headspace is a comic made by true craftsmen at the top of their game and the result is one hell of a trip," says Paul Allor (G.I. Joe, TMNT) "Great characters, amazing art, and a central mystery that I actually care about. I have no idea where it's going, but I'm in for the ride."


"Headspace is a personal tale Eric and I started kicking around over two years ago," said series writer Ryan K. Lindsay, "It's been an honor to have it digitally distributed by Monkeybrain Comics, and to be able to bring in amazing talent like Sebastian Piriz, Marissa Louise, Chris Peterson, Chris Kosek, and Dan Hill in various guises has been a collaborative blast. Having the collection now through IDW is so, so cool and I feel the emotional core of the book is strong enough to shine through the Philip K. Dick insanity in a John Carpenter flick tone we were going for. This tale of a sheriff fighting his way out of a killer's mind is full of high concept right next to the emotional lows."


I've been a fan of Ryan K. Lindsay since his Deer Editor digital comic. That was a great read so I'm looking forward to checking out the collection of Headspace. I'm sold based on Lindsay's description of it.  A cross between Philip K. Dick and John Carpenter?  Yes, please.  Of course, if you can't wait until April for the physical collection, you can buy the series digitally right now.


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