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For those of you unfamiliar with Headpress, you are missing out. Publishers of such great titles Beneath Contempt and Happy to be There: The Fighting Life of Al Goldstein, Hip Pocket Sleaze: The Lurid World of Vintage Adult PaperbacksDark Stars Rising, Trashfiend, and more, the company puts out a fascinating variety of books.

Currently they have a deal going on where you can pick up the hardback edition Joseph Ziemba and Dan Budnik's Bleeding Skull! A 1980s Trash-Horror Odyssey for the price that many places are charging for the paperback. What makes it even better is this an ISBN-free edition, meaning all you see is slick artwork without the unnecessary codes and numbers.

BLEEDING SKULL! A 1980s Trash-Horror Odyssey is the definitive resource on 1980s trash-horror cinema.

BLEEDING SKULL! features 300 in-depth reviews of movies that have escaped the radar of people with taste and the tolerance of critics. Black Devil Doll From Hell, A Night To Dismember, Heavy Metal Massacre, The Last Slumber Party — this book gets deep into gutter-level, no-budget horror, from shot-on-video (SOV) revelations (Doctor Bloodbath) to forgotten theatrical casualties (Frozen Scream). Clown midget slashers! The  Indonesian Jason! A pregnant woman in a bikini who eats fried chicken before getting her fetus ripped out by a psychopath! It’s all here. And it’s all curated by the enthusiastic minds behind, the world’s foremost authority on trash-horror obscurities.

Jam-packed with rare photographs, advertisements, and VHS sleeves (most of which have never been seen), BLEEDING SKULL! is an edifying, laugh-out-loud guide through the dusty inventory of the greatest video store that never existed.

Having enjoyed every title I've had the pleasure of reading from Headpress, I'm going to want to put this on my reading list. This deal is only good through the Headpress website, so you're going to want to click here to get in on it. If you prefer the paperback version, you can snag it through Amazon, but it's going to be about the same price.


Bleeding Skull Joseph Ziemba Dan Budnik Cover
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Bleeding Skull Joseph Ziemba Dan Budnik Cover
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