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Free Comic Book Day just passed and it was an event to behold for all fans of the medium.  There's quite a bit of time until next year's FCBD, but fortunately, there's another day of comic celebration coming up in October and it's right up our alley here at HorrorTalk.  Halloween ComicFest is heading into its fifth year and Diamond Comic Distributors has announced the titles included in this promotion.  A total of 19 full-sized comics and 13 mini-comics will be available for free at participating retailers.

With a few exceptions, all of the comics have something to do with horror and/or Halloween. Even My Little Pony is getting in on the action with The Haunted Dungeon.  These books usually fall into two categories: new launches and reprints.  That is the case this time around.  The full list can be seen in the below video, but here are my highlights.

  • Zombie Tramp vs. Dollfaced Witch Hunter (Action Lab Entertainment)
  • Afterlife with Archie Season Two (Archie Horror)
  • Quilte (ComixTribe)
  • Harrow County #1 (Dark Horse Comics)
  • Evil Dead 2: Beyond Dead by Dawn #1 (Space Goat Productions)
  • Mummy's Always Right #1/2 (ComixTribe)

The two ComixTribe titles are the ones I'm most looking forward to and for two very different reasons.  Quilte was announced earlier this year, but has not yet had its US debut.  It's from the same creative team as And Then Emily Was Gone which is one of the scariest graphic novels of recent years, so I can't wait to see what John Lees and Iain Laurie are cooking up.  On the complete other end of the spectrum is Mummy's Always Right, spinning out of the recently completed Kickstarter campaign.  

Needless to say, this is another great reason to look forward to Halloween.  Please bear in mind that while these books will be free to customers, they do cost the retailers money to order them, so while you're visiting your local shop to pick up some free books, be sure to buy something to help them out.

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