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Hack / Slash Returns with New Story Arc



You can't keep a good girl down.  This July sees the return of the Tim Seeley's slasher hunter, Cassie Hack in Hack / Slash: Son of Samhain from Image Comics.  Written by Michael Moreci and Steve Seeley (the team behind Hoax Hunters), the new series picks up with a strange cult of monsters arising, forcing Cassie to pick up her bat once again.  She thought she had left that life behind her, but now, coupled with a new partner, she's facing down all new enemies and confronting the darkness in the world.  The agents of evil never rest, and unfortunately for them, neither does Cassie Hack.
 “Readers are going to get something that is immediately recognizable as Hack/Slash, yet unique in its own way as well,” said Moreci. “I think Tim told the story he wanted to tell, and that’s why he brought in Steve and I—we’re preserving what he did while building a whole new thing. There’s a lot of great stories to still tell with Cassie Hack and, hopefully, Son of Samhain is just the beginning.”
"All biases aside, I've been a Hack/Slash fan from the beginning. It's a smart book with equal parts horror, comedy, action, sexiness; you name it. We knew continuing that legacy would be a difficult task, considering its history and loyal fan base, but Mike and I are damn proud of what we are doing with the book,” said Steve Seeley. “It's still a sexy, comedic, action-y, horror comic, except it takes two of us to write it now. Mike's all sexy action. I'm comedic horror. This is our sequel… the next step in the evolution of Cassie Hack."

The first issue of Hack / Slash: Son of Samhain will be available on July 2nd, 2014.  An incentive variant cover by Cameron Stewart will be available, but there's no official word as to the interior artist of the title.











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