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Wednesday 13th March, Stockport Plaza (7.15pm start. £8.00 entry) FOR TICKETS CLICK HERE

HP Lovecraft was one of American horror fiction's greatest visionaries. His unique mixture of invented mythology, gothic horror, and science fiction, has long been a challenge to filmmakers. We are delighted to be presenting two of the more imaginative interpretations of his work.

The Whisperer in Darkness (2012): A series of floods in rural Vermont uncovers the bodies of grotesque creatures that seem to match descriptions given in certain local myths and legends. Miskatonic University Folklorist Albert Wilmarth goes to investigate further, and uncovers a conspiracy that extends out into the furthest reaches of space and down into the darkest pits of hell. Featuring Native American folklore, brain transplants, unspeakable cults, and aliens from Pluto, this is a real labour of love by the HP Lovecraft Historical Society. Shot to look like a 1930s RKO horror movie, in elegant B&W, with stylised performances, and elegantly retro production, it will appeal to Lovecraft fans, film fans, and anyone looking for something a little... unusual. The Whisperer in Darkness will be released in the UK later this year by Grimm entertainment.

From Beyond (1986 – Remastered in HD): Scientists experimenting with the pineal gland to stimulate a Sixth Sense discover that by doing so, they are able to perceive hostile creatures existing in a dimension parallel to ours.Even worse, the creatures can now see them. Following on from their outrageous, splattery, blackly comic take on Lovecraft's novella Herbert West: Reanimator, Director Stuart Gordon and Writer-Producer Brian Yuzna reunited with stars Jeffrey Combs and Barbara Crampton for this equally garish and gruesome, but rather lesser known follow-up. From Beyond will be available in HD remastered format from March 2013, courtesy of Secondsight films.


This double-bill is this Wednesday 13th March at Stockport Plaza, beginning at 7.15pm with just an £8.00 entry fee for the evening. FOR TICKETS CLICK HERE








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