Greystone Park Dvd Amazon UsOn October 16th at 10:00 PM, actor / director Sean Stone's film Greystone Park will make its theatrical debut at 42nd Street's Times Scare. The film stars Stone, Alexander Wraith, and Antonella Lentini, with a special guest appearance by Stone's father, Oliver Stone.

From the press release:
On a fall night, three filmmakers break into Greystone Park, a hospital known for its radical treatment of patients with mental illness, where electroshock, pressure baths, and lobotomies were commonplace. Once inside, the filmmakers discover that they are not alone; and having entered this realm, reality as they know it will never again be the same.

"The film is made in the tradition of Edgar Allen Poe, the great American writer, who recognized that there is nothing more terrifying than not knowing whether one is experiencing something frightening, or whether one is going mad and simply creating the fear," Stone says. "But perhaps, there is a connection between the two-the world we see is created by our imagination; and our imagination is fueled by the world we see.  So from this fear-fueled journey, the shadows of Greystone Park have come alive..."

Sean has grown up in film, having acted since childhood in his father's films, including
The Doors, JFK, Natural Born Killers, and Savages.  A graduate of Princeton University in 2006, Sean wrote and directed his first short film, Singularity, in 2007, about a future world of constant big-brother surveillance in the name of fighting a mysterious 'plague.' Sean then became an editorial consultant on W., and subsequently worked as an editor on Oliver Stone's 10-part documentary series on The Untold History of America, which debuted at the 50th New York Film Festival.  

Times Scare is a year-round horror-themed restaurant, bar, and haunted house, complete with a  200-seat theater, currently the home of Silence the Musical. GREYSTONE PARK is presented as part of the Terror Tuesdays film series, where for the mere price of a burger you gain entry into the dark lair within.

Now available on VOD, Greystone Park will be hitting DVD on October 16th through XLrator Media.



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