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There are a ton of problems facing the comic book industry today, but one that isn't talked about all that much is the lack of kid-friendly or all ages titles.  There are only a handful of them really, with everything else catering to the older crowd.  You can't have new comic book fans if you don't start them somewhere, right?  Fortunately, new titles have been popping up a lot more recently.  Oni Press is definitely a publisher that's been adding to the mix and it has announced that the young adult graphic novel Graveyard Quest will be joining the likes of Junior Braves and Alabaster Shadows this March.

Graveyard Quest comes from creator KC Green's popular webcomic Gunshow.  It follows a blue-collar skeleton and his mole buddy on their journey to Hell and back to retrieve his most prized possession.  It explores what we do for love and the mistakes we make along the way.  Complicating matters are the fact that the main character lives in the shadow of his father...who is actually a ghost.

This release will include a never-before-seen epilogue as well.  Oni Press describes Graveyard Quest as “Dante's Inferno for the Internet generation.”  It's perfect for fans of Perry Bible Fellowship too.  This sounds like something that's right up my alley.

Graveyard Quest will be released on March 23rd, 2016.

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