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Graham Nolan knows a thing or two about making great comics. He's known for a legendary run on Batman with DC Comics as well as co-creating Bane. Now he's joined forces with Ominous Press to bring the Creator Edition of his classic adventure comic, Monster Island back to print as an oversized hardcover. This is reproduced from the original artwork, giving fans a rare glimpse into the creative process. The comic follows two Navy flyers who discover a lost island that's inhabited by otherworldly monsters.

Ominous Press is running a Kickstarter campaign to fund the release of Monster Island, along with Black Book: The Art of Graham Nolan. This art book covers the breadth of Nolan's artwork including Marvel and DC, as well as comic strips like Sunshine State and Rex Morgan, M.D., plus private commissions and personal work. The hardcover contains more than 100 pages of artwork and commentary. This is the fourth volume in the Ominous Press Black Book Series, joining Bart Sears, Andy Smith, and Jim Starlin, with more on the way.

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If the Kickstarter campaign is successful, it will pave the way for Return to Monster Island, the long-awaited sequel, to be presented in full color. The new edition of Monster Island includes an exclusive color prologue story to Return to Monster Island.

“I’m beyond happy that Monster Island is coming back, and it's so apropos that it happens to be the 20th anniversary of its original publication," Graham Nolan said. "It'll be even more fun to be working on the sequel, Return to Monster Island. I’ve waited 20 years to tell this story, and when fans see it, I think they'll agree it was worth the wait!"

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Rewards for the Kickstarter campaign include the books themselves, a Monster Island print set from an all-star collection of artists, and original artwork and sketches by Graham Nolan. The anticipated delivery date for the project is later this year.

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