If there's one thing that comic fans love, it's wanton destruction and no one is better at that than Godzilla.  This June, IDW Publishing will be adding to the giant monster stable with a new ongoing series entitled Godzilla: Rulers of Earth, written by Chris Mowry with art from Matt Frank.  As humanity battles with Big Green, a slew of new creatures will rise up to stake a claim on the world.

“While we had a lot of fun with the Godzilla: Legends series, they were just single issues,” said series writer Chris Mowry. “What we’re doing with this series is giving readers that same focus on monsters that Legends had, while telling stories set in IDW’s established Godzilla universe. Readers can look forward to the return of some of our human cast and the introduction of a number of new ones, but the monster roster is larger than it has ever been, using nearly all of Toho’s film creations to give readers battles never before seen. Many of these monsters having never appeared in the comic book/manga medium, so who better to change that but monster artist extraordinaire, Matt Frank?”


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"Whether it be Moguera, Biollante, or Gorosaurus, every Toho fanatic has their own favorite monster,” said series Editor Bobby Curnow. “Now it's time to see these kaiju in action, and Rulers of Earth won't fail to deliver the goods. It's been a blast to watch Chris and Matt bring their passion to the page."

Rulers of Earth is set to make the world a lot more crowded when it comes to giant monsters. Godzilla is no longer the only big lizard on the block so what will he do when huge fangs, claws, and otherworldly powers of destruction come to try to take over?


In typical IDW fashion, Godzilla: Rulers of Earth will have multiple variant covers.  Series artist Matt Frank will be contributing a cover, along with Bob Eggleton, and Arthur Adams.  The first issue will retail for $3.99 and will be available at your local comic shop or favorite digital device on June 19th, 2013.


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IDW's Godzilla comics have been pretty fun but they lack an overall plan. Humanity is struggling to stay alive and avoid getting stepped on. I dug Legends a lot but there wasn't a cohesive story amongst the bunch. It was a peek into the efforts of various people around the world as they tried, hopelessly, to fight against huge creatures destroying their homes.


What do you think of this new Godzilla comic?  Are you ready for more monsters?








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