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Black Mask Studios has announced its first major in-house production and it's coming from pretty close to home. The publishing and production company will begin producing three animated features based on the comic Godkiller by Black Mask co-founder Matt Pizzolo, Anna Muckcracker Wieszczyk, and Ben Templesmith. My first exposure to Godkiller was as a sort of motion comic in 2010 through Pizzolo's film company, Halo-8. Black Mask acquired the film/TV/transmedia rights to the property earlier this year.


Black Mask will re-release the animated series, Godkiller: Walk Among Us in 2015 as a fully remastered feature with new voice talent. This will be followed by two brand new animated features titled Godkiller: Tomorrow's Ashes and Godkiller: The Trouble You Took From Her Eyes in 2016 and 2017 respectively. Each will feature different animation styles to go with the various dimensions that the characters travel through.


"Godkiller is a project I started developing back in 1999 and finally began producing as a comic in 2008... since then I've been working on it whenever I can't avoid it," said Pizzolo. "I wouldn't really call it a labor of love... maybe a labor of hate. It's kind've something that haunts me."


Pizzolo continued: "My intent with the project was to create a weird little mythology for misfits and fuckups, and being joined on this effort by Anna and Ben and all the incredible actors and now [Black Mask co-founders] Brett [Gurewitz] and Steve [Niles] is just beyond any expectations. Godkiller is actually the project that creatively connected me to Brett and Steve in the first place before Black Mask was even an idea, so getting to expand the storyworld here with them is a dream come true."


Godkiller tells the story of a teenage orphan and an escaped slavegirl as they journey through a post-apocalyptic wasteland. It was originally released as a self-published underground comic but was recently launched in stores as an ongoing through Black Mask.










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