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Ahhh...the summer. It's the time of year where I have to mow the lawn and deal with the local kids that have nowhere else to go since school is out. Fortunately, the solution for the latter comes in September when they all head back to their scholarly ways. Such is the case with Morning Glories as well. The Image Comics series from Nick Spencer and Joe Eisma has a ton of stuff planned for the fall with new releases, storylines, and more.

Fans catching up on Morning Glories will be pleased to learn that the fifth trade paperback will be released on August 28th. This will collect the storyline “Tests” originally published as issues #26-29. This release coincides with that of Morning Glories #30, kicking off the “Demerits” arc, so if you're behind, you can immediately catch up to the rest of us.


Morning Glories Volume 5
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Morning Glories Volume 5
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If you're looking for something a little fancier, you can wait until September when you can pick up the second Morning Glories Deluxe Hardcover. This includes issues #13-25 which were previously released as the third and fourth trade paperbacks. The Deluxe Edition will also include sketches, character designs, cover galleries, and more.


Morning Glories Hardcover 2
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Morning Glories Hardcover 2
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Finally, September and October will provide fans with twice the content as Morning Glories will double ship that month for issues #31-34.

"We've all been amazed and pleasantly surprised by the explosion in new readers we've seen over this last arc — it was important to us to keep that momentum going,” said writer Spencer. “After the climactic events of 'Tests', the new arc ‘Demerits' is really our opportunity to go back and take a closer look at some of our cast members, and see how all this has impacted their lives. It's a character-driven arc that answers some questions while introducing new mysteries at the same time."

I've only just recently caught up with Morning Glories. I won't pretend that I understand everything that's going on, but it's a pretty cool series. Anything leading to more issues in a shorter amount of time is a good thing because I have a hard time keeping track of all the characters sometimes. It's like LOST but at a school and you know...good.

What do you think of all these Morning Glories goodies? Are you picking up one or all of them?











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