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Scout Comics has been announcing new titles every week from a variety of genres.  The latest, Ghosts of Hiroshima, is right up our alley here at HorrorTalk.  Coming from Jim Krueger, Luigi Borrillo, Alberto Rios, and Zach Brunner, the comic is a supernatural journey to shake the gates of Heaven and Hell alike.  It’s set for release later this year.  Here’s the write-up from the publisher:

Guilt is the greatest ghost of them all.  For James Henricherson, the guilt of a mistake made many years ago continues to haunt him.  It dogs his every move.  It keeps him from sleeping.  He believes he has condemned an innocent soul to eternal suffering and pain.   And he has worked for years to invent a way to free this soul from Hell itself.

But Henricherson’s attempts and his theoretical success has stirred the condemned souls of Hell, who see this as a way to get power in Hell, to become the gatekeepers of a place that, before this moment, had no such thing as a door.

For medical intern Gabriel Oldman, Dr. Henricherson was a friend, and a mentor.  Gabe owes him everything.  If he is going to honor his mentor, he will be compelled to doubt everything he thought he knew, and will have to fight against things and beings that could not possibly exist.   All because there is far more than one condemned soul at stake.


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