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One of the scariest comics I read last year was Malevolents, a one-shot written by Thom Burgess and illustrated by Joe Becci.  I still get shivers down my spine when I think about it.  That final page.  Damn.  Anyway, Burgess has been busy since the comic was released.  He's been working with Toby Meakins on a superhero / supernatural horror franchise called Ghoster that ties into Malevolents.  They've released a short that is pretty friggin' amazing.  Check it out below, along with some stellar promotional artwork from Becci.

Ghoster is set in a world plagued by vicious Malevolents, evil ghosts that feed on pain, suffering, and death.  There remains one hope amidst the terror, a 21-year-old dropout who must fight to claim his extraordinary birthright – Spectral assassin, hunter of the dead...Ghoster.  

Between the short and that synopsis, I need to see more of Ghoster ASAP.  Burgess has pitched this as Assassin's Creed meets Harry Potter meets Kingsmen.  Shut up and take my money.  You can bet I'll be on the lookout for more news on Ghoster.

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