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Get Weird with Blackhand Comics this October




Before kicking all kinds of ass as the artist and co-creator of Deadly Class, Wes Craig wrote some strange webcomics entitled Blackhand Comics.  For the first time, these will be collected and published in print this October from Image Comics.  The three stories explore the fringes of society, the weird, and the macabre.  Each one is written and drawn by Craig.


First up is “Gravedigger's Union,” focuses on the men who do a job know one else wants to do.  A big part of their day is spent digging graves, but there's a lot more they have to worry about, such as making sure the dead stay buried.  


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Circus Day” takes the idea of running away and joining the circus literally as a brother and sister sneak off to see the sights.  The young boy is desperate to get into the freakshow, but what he could find there could make him rethink that idea.


Finally, there's “The Seed” which is a tale of terror centered on a man who once embraced the power provided by dark forces and is now on the run from them.  


Blackhand Comics is my baby. My weird, sinister, freakshow baby…” said Craig. “I'd like to think the stories inside make you feel like you're reading an old EC comic in a jazz club, and you've just been slipped some psychotropic drugs."


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I was unfamiliar with Blackhand Comics before this announcement, but I'm definitely intrigued.  Craig is an awesome artist as evidenced by Deadly Class, so I'm interested to see what else he's come up with.  


The hardcover collection of Blackhand Comics will be released in comic stores on October 1st and in bookstores on October 14th.  It is currently available for pre-order.



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