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There have been a ton of great comics coming from Kickstarter over the past few years, from new and established creators.  One such gem was Leaving Megalopolis, from writer Gail Simone and artist J. Calafiore.  The book is easily one of the best dark super hero titles out there, showing a city ravaged by a group of powered individuals.  This January, the creative team returns to continue the story in Surviving Megalopolis, a six-issue mini-series from Dark Horse Comics.  The publisher is no stranger to the series, having reprinted the graphic novel last year.  

More details were revealed in an interview with Comic Book Resources, where Simone and Calafiore explain the premise of the series with a multi-billionaire trapped in Megalopolis and his wife that hires of team of mercenaries to find him.  The mercs hire survivors as guides as they don't know the area.  

I absolutely loved Leaving Megalopolis so I'm really excited to hear that the band is getting back together for more stories set in this world.  They created so many new and interesting super heroes that there is so much more that can be explored.  Surviving Megalopolis #1 is set to debut in January 2016 and will retail for $3.99.

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